Old Wooden Floors and Doors? Uncover Them!

Whether you’ve recently moved house or only just had the time to uncover the finishing touches in your home, making the most of the wooden accents is a must in any period property! Two features that are often overlooked are wooden doors and floors – when you think about how much people pay to have fake wooden floors fitted in their homes, it seems ridiculous that more people don’t make the most this natural feature!

black doors with letterbox, brass handle and ring bell

There’s a number of ways you can do this, and it shouldn’t require investing in a tool shed or breaking the bank. We’ve listed just a few of the ways you can highlight the natural character of your home:

Fixtures And Fittings

If you’re decorating, don’t just fill a skip and replace things straight away (however, there’s no saving that pink swirled carpet). Before bulldozing through take a second look at original fixtures and fittings, paying particular attention to doors and floors. A good idea is to give yourself a few weeks to live with what you’ve got. Then when your surroundings begin to look familiar, you can start making changes that you’ll have to live with – probably for a long time.

What Lies Beneath?

A period property – certainly Georgian or Victorian – will have door sizes that are beautiful, but impossible to substitute; so sourcing hand carved replacements will probably break the bank. You will find that the doors are very weighty and more than likely made from good quality wood, so take a deeper look and get to your home.

Use A Professional

If you’re not sure, then employ the help of professionals – you’ll need a stripping service. The reason you should use a professional is that lead paint is likely to have been applied over the years, which can be difficult and time-consuming to remove.

Accessorise your Doors

Once your doors are back to their natural state, it’s time to dress them up again. Pick up brassware and traditionally styled lever handles to really accentuate the authenticity. A source from firms that supply vintage, original and salvaged door furniture for the most authentic look. You’ll receive stunning doors as a reward, all they need is several coats of wax in either a neutral colour or shade to suit your floors.

Hand scraping paint off door, wooden doors restoration

Don’t Forget the Floors!

On the subject of floors – once that carpet is well and truly in the skip, what’s underfoot? You might prefer tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, but living and dining areas look their best with natural wooden floors. If you have the originals, it’s best to reveal them. Just consider the purpose of the room beforehand.

Do it Yourself

This is where DIY is certainly possible. Hiring a sander for the weekend, or maybe the next few weekends will uncover strips of thick pine or oak. Holes or damaged boards can be easily fixed or replaced, and a floor with some blemishes and knots speaks far more than a uniform one. Varnish floors with heavy traffic, apply a few coats of wax to bedroom floors – add scatter rugs for colour and warmth.

Floor renovation


It’s quite economical to work on your floors yourself – and so rewarding when the final coat of wax is down. It’s not a difficult task, and the sanding machines for hire have suction bags attached that remove the dust as you work your way through your new home. Watch a tutorial on using the sander before you begin. Plus, those floors and doors have a lot more life in them – for now –  they’re all yours to enjoy.

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