Thinking Big: Space Saving Ideas for Kitchens

It’s easy for a small kitchen to feel cluttered, which isn’t ideal; especially as it’s the hub of a home… where you’re likely to spend most of your time. The constant need to prep food, accommodate guests, feed the kids and skip over the dog can be difficult to fit around a table and all your necessary kitchen tools.

Adding that there never seems enough space to organise dishes and utensils, and you have chaos on your hands. Luckily, there are many space saving ideas for kitchens that will transform it from a cluttered mess into an oasis of productivity and positivity!

Here are the best space saving ideas for a small kitchen from A Fancy Home:

Space Saving Ideas for Kitchens

The Bare Necessities (Forget About Your Worries and Your Strife)

Decluttered Kitchen

First and foremost, do you really need two ladles? Do you think that one of them is going to break down? The first step towards making your kitchen sanity-friendly is to declutter it completely.

So, throw or give away anything you don’t need ‒ your mind, body and soul will thank you!

Wall-Mounted Storage

Kitchen shelves - space saving ideas for kitchens

Don’t think out, think up!

One of the first space saving ideas for kitchens is to use the walls. Rather than hanging paintings or redundant paper calendars, use them for their space-saving potential to hang your pots and pans. You can do this by installing rows of racks and shelves, a magnetic knife rack or ceiling hanging pot rack. You’ll immediately save precious drawer space that can be used to store something that’s cluttering up the kitchen worktops!

Tip: the walls can get damaged over time due to the constant hanging and banging of the utensils; so, before you mount the shelves and the racks, paint the designated wall into a darker solid hue that will conceal the scuff marks easily.

Sink Considerations

Undermount Sink - Space saving ideas for kitchens

If you’re dealing with a particularly small working area, you’ll want to save every centimetre of counter space you can. An under mount sink can add those extra few centimetres to just make it barely conceivable to get things done.

Plenty of homes have a double-bowl sink, and frankly, they are grossly overrated. You don’t really need it, so it’s better to install a single-bowl sink that will not only save a load of space but will encourage you to clean up right away ‒ it’s a win-win!

Smaller Appliances

While bigger is more ideal, small doesn’t always mean worse – especially if you’re dealing with limited space. Opting for smaller, but equally powerful appliances is one of the best space saving ideas for kitchens as it allows you to operate at full capacity.

This way, they’ll use up less counter space, and if small enough, can be tucked away out of sight.

Expand the Cabinets

Why not expand the kitchen cabinets to reach the ceiling? Unless you’re using the cabinet tops to house things (which unprotected by cabinets will become filthy and covered in dust), the space above is just being wasted.

It doesn’t matter that you’ll need a ladder if it means added storage for your stuff! Just make sure it’s the items you rarely use, or alternatively things you use regularly for great cardio sessions!

Hidden Water Filter

Hidden Water Filter - space saving ideas for kitchens

Water filters growing in popularity in the modern world. Since the water pipes probably date back to the Victorian era, you want to ensure your water is clean.

If you’re looking to install a water filter, be sure to look for a contemporary under-sink water filter to save up precious space and allow clean water to flow seamlessly.

Do You Need a Door?

Doorless Kitchen - space saving ideas for kitchens

A kitchen door won’t contribute to a pleasant, open space that kitchens should be. So, (unless you need it for health & safety reasons) just take it down. This is one of the more obscure space saving ideas for kitchens, but you’ll be astounded at how much space removing the door will save!

Removing a kitchen door will not only allow more light to penetrate the room, but you’ll be able to move more freely around…  meaning no risk of slamming your precious extremities against a relentless angular wooden surface.

Pull-Out Pantry

Pull out pantry - space saving ideas for kitchens

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If there’s no space for a pantry in your kitchen, don’t worry, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it too. Have you thought about getting a sleek, modern pull-out pantry? They can be installed in almost any type of kitchen, no matter the size or shape.

This type of pantry has numerous levels for your kitchen necessities, particularly storing food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. If you’re looking for economical space saving ideas for kitchens, then why don’t you make your own pull-out pantry?


Operating in a tight kitchen isn’t easy, but fortunately, you can transform your tiny kitchen into a cosy oasis of health and productivity by following these contemporary design solutions.

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