7 Steps to Reinvent a Bathroom on a Budget

Are you looking for new ways to refresh your bathroom but don’t have the cash for a complete remodelling project? Well, you don’t have to be an interior designer or a professional decorator to reinvent a bathroom on a budget. You can achieve a lot in a short amount of time. Especially with a little inspiration, even on a limited budget.

Here are some ideas to help you turn your bathroom into a welcoming sanctuary for you and the family.

Reinvent a Bathroom on a Budget:

1) Clean and Clutter Free

reinvent a bathroom on a budget

Even if you don’t have the time or budget to do anything else, just clearing out the clutter and giving your bathroom a good, deep clean will give it an instant lift.

Start by taking stock of all the cosmetic clutter. Such as shampoos, gels, lotions, creams, make-up. Also, identify the products that need to be finished, and get rid of any that have gone out-of-date. If there is a jar of body cream that has been left untouched and gathering dust on the shelf for longer than you care to remember, just get rid of it. If you haven’t used it by now, you never will. Chuck out old razors, toothbrushes and other similar items that are taking up precious space. Then turn your attention to the cleaning.

When you have given the bathroom a proper once over, commit to doing a little bit every day to keep on top of the cleaning and keep this room sparkling.

2) Get Organised

Now that you have cut down on the sheer volume of stuff, and your field of operation is clean and clutter-free, it’s time to get organised. Getting the space organised is, obviously, completely free – therefore the best way to reinvent a bathroom on a budget.

Aim to get as many of your products out of sight as possible. Leaving only the most attractively packaged and vital items on your surfaces. Everything else, particularly bulky and unsightly cleaning products, should be tidied away.

For the items that remain to be seen, find some interesting and decorative storage containers. Before you go out and spend any money, scour the house to see if you already have anything that you can use. Perhaps a small vase for your makeup brushes, baskets for soaps or some pretty china for your toothbrushes to add a vintage vibe. And remember that if you are using liquid soap, an attractive reusable canister is preferable to an ugly branded plastic pump dispenser.

3) Get Serious about Storage

Storage closet - reinvent a bathroom on a budget

If you have a pedestal sink, consider having units built around it or repurposing a cabinet or dresser for a vanity unit. Put up some floating shelves or invest in some clever custom built hidden storage solutions. This is where a small budget can have a big impact.

Maximise on space by installing several towel rods on the back of the door. If you already have one on the wall make sure that the space above it is not wasted by putting a shelf above it.

Another trick to make the most of the space in small bathrooms is to replace an inward swinging door with a sliding one. You could even add an extra shower rod inside the shower or bath. Plus hang hooks from it for towels and other items.

4) A Splash of Colour

colourful bathroom - reinvent a bathroom on a budget

And now for some colour. If you can’t afford to splash out on new tiles or units, why not repaint them instead? It’s much less hassle and not as hard as you might at first imagine. The results are quick and will give your bathroom an instant refresh.

You may prefer something neutral for the walls and units. However, do remember to add a few pops of colour here and there to add interest and personality.

Another easy and inexpensive way to bring colour is to get decorative with your linens. Add depth to space by displaying brightly coloured towels and bath mat and incorporate texture with a strategically patterned rug, if floor space allows.

5) Accessorise for Impact

The best way to reinvent a bathroom on a budget is to up-spec your bathroom suite by upgrading your accessories, you’ll find it’s a much more manageable investment and will have an instant effect.

Start with the shower curtain and work from there. If you want to maximise the feeling of space and light in your bathroom, go for something white and avoid any busy patterns. Next, pick out your bath mats and towels and chose the best quality items that your budget can allow for.

If you have the space in your bathroom, make a statement by adding a piece of furniture like an arm chair or table. This is to add some extra and unexpected comfort and style.

6) Shed Some Light on the Situation

bright bathroom reinvent a bathroom on a budget

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting especially in the bathroom. This is where people face themselves first thing in the morning and the last thing at night so the lighting needs to be flattering but fair, and that means binning any fluorescents.

Aim for the most natural light possible. Use bright clear bulbs and install dimmers so that you can achieve bright and airy in the day. As well as a more soothing atmosphere for long relaxing baths in the evening.

To make the most of the light that you have got in the bathroom, go big and bold with your mirrors. This will also enhance the feeling of space.

7) Create an Atmosphere

For you, your family and guests work to create a sanctuary in your bathroom. The addition of some plants or flowers will help to enhance the atmosphere. So bring the outside in with such plants as bamboo, a peace lily or an orchid.

And finally, invest in some luxurious scented candles to further set the mood.

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