5 Easy Ideas for Recycling Old Wallpaper

So, it’s a rainy Sunday, you’ve got no plans and no one is home – what are you supposed to do to entertain yourself? If you’re anything like me then you’ll secretly live for these days; days when you can thoroughly throw yourself into getting crafty.

Unfortunately, thanks to my madhouse, by the time I realise I’ve the house to myself to get the glue and scissors out – it’s very short notice. That’s why I love these 5 easy ideas for recycling old wallpaper because you’ll be hard-pushed to find a home without leftover wallpaper knocking around.

Recycling old wallpaper is an easy, effective and low-cost upcycling project that’ll make a huge difference to any piece of furniture that you’re refurbishing.

5 Easy Ideas for Recycling Old Wallpaper

1. Fancy Stair Risers

This popular DIY trend swept up the interior design in a frenzy, but in recent years quietened down. However, here at A Fancy Home, we think it’s time to revive this easy idea for recycling old wallpaper.

Whether you want to replicate the kitsch style in the picture above by mixing various bright, colourful and heavily patterned wallpapers; or, support a sleek understated theme with matching and monochrome paper, both will have a huge visual impact.

2. Dress Your Drawers

Breathe a little life into an old dresser or chest of drawers with this easy DIY idea. By simply lining the drawer sides or bottom with wallpaper you’ll completely transform the look and feel of old furniture.

Ideas for recycling old wallpaper - wallpapered drawers 2

3. Cabinet and Cupboard Covers

By recycling old wallpaper to upcycle a cabinet, cupboard or bookshelf, you’ll take it from bog-standard to totally unique and one-of-a-kind in an afternoon.

This idea will make your furniture look completely brand new – your guests will think you’ve updated your home with expensive, quirky furniture when really, you’ve just refurbished your existing furniture on a budget.

4. Interior Transform

Often, the insides of wardrobes are a long, forgotten places that see a paintbrush once in their life – when it’s built and never again. Put your hand up if you’ve redecorated your bedroom and didn’t bother with the wardrobe – I bet it’s a different colour inside to your room. Okay, now put your hand down… I can’t see you, but my point stands. It’s a common occurrence.

Why not put your leftover wallpaper and free time to good use by transforming your interiors – it’ll only take one afternoon because it’s such a small space.

5. Lampshade

Do you have an old lampshade that’s in good condition? You don’t necessarily need a new one but you kind of want something different? Yeah, we’ve all been there – that’s where recycling old wallpaper ideas come in handy.

Simply wrap your leftover wallpaper on the outside for a bright look or the inside for a subtle refurbed look. Or, if you’re looking for a more DIY shabby chic aesthetic then why not cut up various types of wallpaper into smaller pieces and create a patchwork effect?

Remember, a patterned wallpaper will shine through from the inside of a lampshade when switched on!


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