Reasons Why We LOVE Home Refurbishment

Home refurbishment is one of those things that often gets spoken about, but rarely undertaken. Or worse, (like in my home, sigh), gets started and then left unfinished forever more.

Lots of people find the idea of home refurbishment aggrieving… or daunting. Of course, not everyone can be obsessed with home décor accessories and DIY.

That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying to convince you though. Imagine the immense sense of achievement when you’re relaxing in a beautiful home THAT YOU HELPED CREATE. Obviously, some things are best left to experts, like plumbing and electrics. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at refurbishing furniture, hanging pictures or even changing the wallpaper.

Reasons Why A Fancy Home Loves’ Home Refurbishment:

At A Fancy Home, we love home refurbishment and honestly consider it the holy grail of interior design projects. And there are a multitude of reasons. These are our top 3:

  • Home refurbishment requires all the things that we love: interior design, home improvement and DIY.
  • When it comes to a new build, you’re working with a blank canvas, which is easy to put your own stamp on. However, when refurbishing a home, it’s extremely hard to take something old and reform it into something new. That’s because it’s both hard to see past what’s there already, and because often because you’re limited to not moving things (bathrooms and kitchens particularly so).
  • Lastly, home refurbishment is great because it’s thrifty, economical and the greenest option.

Still not enough to convince you that home refurbishment is a good great idea? Then check out these before and after shots for some major green-eyed envy:

Before and After Home Refurbishment:

This 1970’s school ski resort themed bathroom was transformed into a pastel paradise

This proves that hallways need TLC too!

This peach abomination was refurbished into a super chic, rustic bathroom! (We LOVE those floor tiles).

This bathroom went from ghetto to Gatsby in no time at all…

Doorways are often forgotten, but not in this home that’s made the most of a lovely walkway.

Doorway before and after 1.1 - home refurbishment


Doorway before and after 1.1 - home refurbishment

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Your bedroom is your personal retreat – make sure it’s fit for royalty!

This home office just highlights how far a revamp of furniture and a lick of paint can go…

We could keep going, but we think you get the picture! Remember, before starting your DIY project, read our article on what to look out for before refurbishing a home.

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