Refurb, Repurpose & Improve

A Fancy Home values many things, interior design, home décor… pretty much anything that involves the aesthetics of a home.


One thing that we truly value is home improvement. There is no greater satisfaction than starting with something small, injecting your own spirit, personality (and wage) into making a home that’s not only worth more but is also a joy to reside in.


A common misconception with this endeavour is for an element to look good and work well, it must be brand new. NOPE, wrong. Refurbishing, repurposing, upcycling and improving are all fantastic, and often economical, alternatives to achieving the home of your dreams.


And since A Fancy Home was born from an inherent passion for interior decoration, but a budget that didn’t stretch to the home décor that was needed to make it a reality, we love home improvement. As such we’ve a goal to convince our readers of the same mindset!


Read, learn (don’t weep) and hopefully, soon, you’ll love refurbishing and home improvement as much as us.

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