Home Improvement Tips for a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting, and sometimes expensive, undertaking. With so many decisions to make it can be hard for the average homeowner to know where to start. But as with any other home improvement project, the best way to begin is with a clear vision in mind.

Kitchen Island Seating

So, to help you out, we put together some kitchen home improvement tips regarding the current most popular design trends. Whether you’re considering a kitchen remodel to increase property value, or simply to improve your forever home, the following kitchen design considerations will give you have a better understanding of what you might want.

Home Improvement Tips for a Contemporary Kitchen Remodel:

Kitchen Islands: Great for Easy Entertaining

Elegant Kitchen Remodel - Stove Top on Island - Home Improvement Tips

The elegant kitchen pictured above is ideal for entertaining. The kitchen, as so many homeowners can attest to, is where people naturally tend to congregate, so having an island spacious enough to accommodate both seated and standing guests is paramount. The open concept kitchen extends gracefully into the larger living area (and note the cosy, sunlit dining nook just off to the right, perfect for a little me time).

If you’re adding or updating an island, consider including a prep sink and stove top range (pictured above). You can easily make dinner and cocktails while staying within eye line of the party. Other great kitchen island design ideas include drink coolers, dishwashers and custom wine racks.

Kitchen with Granite Countertops and Black Breakfast Bar Chairs

The kitchen pictured above showcases another way to include a sink in your kitchen island design. This sink is larger than a prep sink, making it the main place to wash hands, rinse food and soak dishes. If your main kitchen sink is set within an island you should include a dishwasher too for easy cleanup logistics!

Tiered Kitchen Countertop

If your floor plan doesn’t allow for a proper kitchen island, but you still want the convenience it affords, consider adding a stand-alone counter like the one pictured above. Here, a tiered counter provides space for preparing food and space for lounging (and if you were to include a few high barstools, plenty of room for seating).

Again, the sink is situated to prep food and wash dishes while facing out to the larger living space. The host and hostess won’t have to miss a moment of the party!

Keep an Open Mind About Open Shelving

Stylish Modern Kitchen

Open shelving is a trend that’s taking modern kitchens by storm, and for good reason. The design began as purely to be functional but now also serves as built in décor. This duality in design makes it a great feature for many homeowners; whether you have a simple, Scandinavian style kitchen or a cosy country hearth. It’s a great way to store and exhibit your china and glassware.

This design style, however, does come with a few caveats. For starters, you must keep clutter to a minimum, as all your wares are on display. Plus, you will need to clean more regularly to protect from dust and debris due to a lack of cabinet doors.

Unique Lighting Fixtures Shine Bright

Contemporary Lighting Fixtures in Kitchen - Home Improvement Tips

Lighting fixtures are a great way to add personality and style to your kitchen without having to devote a significant chunk of your savings to a comprehensive renovation. The globe fixtures here suit the light, airy kitchen perfectly. Having multiple light fixtures, as opposed to just one, allows you to adjust ambient lighting according to the mood.

Take note that just left of the fixtures, above the kitchen island, is a stunning crystal chandelier. Using distinct but complementary fixtures is a great way to delineate separate areas in an open concept kitchen layout.

Exposed Beams: Balance and Beauty

Kitchen with Exposed Beams

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Exposed beams are becoming more and more popular in current kitchen renovations thanks to a rise in stripped back and industrial design – and what a visual treat they are! Whether a kitchen needs a beam for structural support or is added solely for aesthetics, their presence elevates any space.

While exposed beams are the traditional hallmarks of a country or rustic French kitchen, the airy pictured here is a beautiful example of how exposed wooden beams can be used in most any kitchen design. Crisp white cabinets with sharp geometric lines and contemporary metallic handles, along with the barstools and stainless-steel appliances, mark this kitchen with contemporary style. The rich wood beams lend an organic beauty and balance to its overall interior design.

Creative Ceilings Are the Height of Design

Warm Natural Kitchen Remodel - home improvement tips

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For a creative approach to kitchen remodelling, look up: your ceiling provides a great opportunity to incorporate colour and texture. Here, rich natural wood gives a cosy warmth to this kitchen’s interior design. Wood tones are echoed throughout, from the ceiling to the cabinets, providing a natural, organic balance to the otherwise very geometric, contemporary style kitchen.

Marble: More Than Just Countertops

Country Kitchen Renovation

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Marbling is a beautiful pattern that can (and should!) be used for more than just kitchen countertops. Here, a wallpaper pattern mimicking marble extends throughout the kitchen walls for striking visual interest. You can also go all-out and incorporate marble or granite as an unusual kitchen backsplash material.

Subway Tile: A Classic Element with Contemporary Flair

Subway tiles have been loved for over a century, but are currently being massively revived in kitchen design. The tiles are named after its origins: the walls of New York City’s underground system when first opened in 1904. Traditional subway tiles are 3”x6” and simple white, but options on the market nowadays vary in size, colour and finish.

Subway Tile Backsplash in a contemporary kitchen - home improvement tips

[Photo credit]

Subway tiles are easy to clean, available in different colours, and can be laid to create patterns for most design goals. The kitchen pictured above features two styles of pattern: offset joint and chevron herringbone. The chevron pattern over the range is a creative way to set the backsplash apart while keeping a continuous, cohesive style throughout the entire kitchen.

One of the last home improvement tips for a successful kitchen renovation is to find the right professional partner to get your project completed on time, on a budget, and on par with your vision.

One place to start is by searching for local kitchen contractors, such as browsing through kitchen makeover photos at Renowaze or similar sites. These online forums host company profiles including past projects, design ideas and client reviews. With an extensive collection of pictures and references, you can make an informed decision and ultimately choose the perfect contractor for your kitchen renovation goals.

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