Where Can You Buy Cheap Garden Furniture? (Promotion! ✨)

It’s June (well, nearly July) + it’s summer + it’s warm outside (kind of) = you want to be outside. Hell, we want to be outside. But your garden furniture got left out one too many times last year, they don’t match, they don’t work – your skin is more likely to turn brown from rust stains than the sun.

Sound familiar?

If you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with a garden nice enough, or big enough, to host garden furniture and guests, then you should be making the most of it (with BBQ’s)!

BBQ hosting - cheap garden furniture

Just look at how much fun they’re ^^^ having!

You may have overheard your neighbour in the garden or tales from distance relatives at family gatherings; stories of… buying cheap garden furniture. No, no, it doesn’t exist, right? Cheap garden furniture is just a myth created by DIY home store’s advertising departments.


It exists, it’s real and it’s probably in a store offering a garden furniture promotion near you. As long as you know where to look…

Where Can You Buy Cheap Garden Furniture?

Since we love our readers – and because some secrets aren’t best kept – we thought we’d point you in the right direction.

Basically, Tesco Direct are smashing it this summer. They’re currently running a cracking multibuy garden furniture promotion, which features a range of essentials that get cheaper the more you buy (i.e more garden furniture, less guilt). Which is generously running until August 5th!

Like this fabulous red deck chair, which grass or no grass, will bring effortless chic appeal to any outside space.

Kingsbury Dark Red Wooden Deck Chair - Tesco Direct - Garden Furniture Promotion

And with Glastonbury sadly behind us, which officially kicks off the festival season, they’re even supplying your must-have festival and camping gear at 50% off.

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