11 Cheap and Easy Bedroom Updates

For your body and mind to recover from the stresses and rigours of the day your bedroom should provide a calm, inviting haven for restful sleep and relaxing down time. If you don’t think that your bedroom offers such a sanctuary, it may be time to give it a bit of an update. With a little planning, you can transform this space over a weekend by introducing a combination of thoughtful decorative accents and simple DIY projects. It doesn’t have to cost the earth so here are some cheap and easy bedroom ideas and tips to get the room of your dreams!

Clean modern bedroom

11 Cheap and Easy Bedroom Ideas:

1. Add Light

The simple addition of a mirror enhances not only natural light, but also provides instant depth and the appearance of more space in a bijou bedroom. If space allows angle a full-length free-standing mirror in the corner, otherwise go for a wall mounted look.

Go for a mix of overhead and task lighting in your bedroom. To ensure that you have the ideal light for every purpose and ambience.

2. Create Space

Carry out a thorough audit of your bedroom furniture and remove any unnecessary items and clutter. You should particularly avoid bulky wooden furniture in small bedrooms. Create more space by going for wall mounted adjustable bedside lamps, use hooks and floating shelves to organise your books, photos and other personal items. Utilise bay window spaces by including cushion-topped window seats that double up as storage.

If you are considering something a bit more ambitious look to see if you can open up attics and crawl spaces to enlarge the height and floor area of your room physically.

3. Make your Moves

If you want to make an instant impact, just changing the bed to a different spot can give your bedroom a whole new aspect, and may even offer your a better night’s sleep.

Have a peek at what’s going on under the wall-to-wall carpet and reveal your hardwood floor, then complete the look by adding rugs on either side of the bed. You might also want to add a nice comfy reading chair by the window or in the corner. This will offer a calm space for retreat when needed.

Grey bedroom and yellow decor - easy bedroom ideas

4. Mix It Up

When planning colour schemes and purchasing accessories for your room remember to mix and match. Matching wallpaper, curtains and bedspread will be too much and will drown out everything else. Also for a more eclectic yet pulled-together look, mix up old furniture with new and use contrasting fabrics.

5. Dress It Up

Update tired dressers, wardrobes and doors, with a lick of paint or even some wallpaper and replace old knobs and handles with something decorative, either new or vintage.

You and can also update your walls by turning your own photos into art. Pick a theme, personal to you, and perhaps experiment with black and white and remember to use varied frame sizes.

6. Make The Bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and should not only look cosy and inviting, but also offer you a place for your body to rest and recover.

Replacing old bedding will make the world of difference instantly. Go for a big floral print or patterns against plain linen sheets and top with contrasting pillows, cushions and a throw at the end of the bed to offer an accent of colour and, more practically, some extra warmth in the winter.

7. Indulge in Some Pillow Talk

Further super cheap and easy bedroom ideas: simply add extra pillows to the bed – it adds personality, volume, texture and colour. Be bold in your choices and mix it up by including small and large prints, florals and geometrics.

Beware of going over the top though. A surfeit of cushions and pillows can overwhelm a small space.

modern style bedroom with pillows on bed - easy bedroom ideas

8. Update the Headboards

This is another way of making an impact when you want quick results. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a new headboard, consider customising your current one or a second-hand one with paint or fabric.

If you don’t have a headboard to update, try adding wallpaper or fresh paint to create a feature wall behind your bed.

9. Big Blank Wall?

A fresh coat of paint is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to refresh a room. If you have a large wall to fill, try hanging a graphic quilt to cover the space. Perhaps pair it a with complementary bed cover.

10. Bring Colour

If you are reluctant to commit the whole room to a particular shade, try introducing bursts of colour through your accessories to contrast with neutral walls and bedding. Pick a couple of colours that appeal to you and repeat them around the room. You can also use your bedding to layer the colours with different tones and textures.

Clean white bedroom with bright accessories - easy bedroom ideas

11. Create Comfort Through Texture

What you can touch and feel is a big part of creating comfort in your room. You can conjure this through the use of different fabrics, rugs, accessories, ornaments, bedspreads, pillows, cushions, throws, frames, window treatments, floor coverings, etc.

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