10 Easy and Clever Home Décor Tips

It’s that time of the year where you might think of giving your home a refresh, but with this super chilly winter (in the UK anyway), it’s perhaps a little too early to look at upcoming spring and summer trends. However, there are still some quick and affordable ways to spruce up your home. Check out our top 10 easy and clever home décor tips!

Home Décor Tips:

1. Let the Sun In

Let the light in home décor tips

Draw back those curtains and allow for nature’s light to come in. There is nothing better than natural light which changes the look and feel of any room. Natural sunlight is also proven to lift your mood too!

2. Add a Mirror

Living room with mirror leaning on fire place home décor tips

A mirror is a must for most rooms. They’re great at making the room seem more spacious and helps to reflect natural light. Don’t be afraid to go big – A full-length mirror is an essential part of any home. Our top tip is to place the mirror facing the window for better lighting.

3. Raise the Roof (or Just the Curtains)

Living room with High curtains home décor tips

A brilliant way to give your room some more breathing space is to raise the height of your curtains. Usually 3” is ideal but try lifting that to around 5” to 7” above the window frame, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

4. Hang Mirrors, Pictures and Art at the Right Height

Living room with hanging pcitures home décor tips

This is very important – incorrectly hung items can ruin the balance of the room. The usual rule when hanging mirrors or frames is to hang the items 5″-9″ above the furniture piece. This may not always be appropriate however so if you’re unsure, cut out a template for your wall which will give you a better idea.

5. Organise and Declutter

Decluttered living room home décor tips

We’ve all done it, It’s all too easy to get carried away with buying home accessories, and although there are many amazing pieces out there, we always seem to forget that less is more. This is a great time to organise and declutter that room. Consider our smart storage solutions to store away some of those unnecessary items.

6. Cushions and Throws

silk cushions on a couch home décor tips

Possibly the easiest and cheapest way to spruce up a room. With a plethora of wild colours and designs to choose from, adding some good looking cushions or throws will make the world of a difference.

7. Add a Headboard

Bed with Grey velvet headboard home décor tips

A new headboard will do the trick in jazzing up your bedroom. 2017 is predicted to be back in trend, so it’s worth considering investing in an upholstered headboard for your bed.

8. Add Some Nature

Living room with plants home décor tips

Trust us when we say a plant is a must. Small or tall, any will do. Plants add a warm, calm and atmospheric touch to the room. Not only do they look great they also help give us that oh so vital oxygen.

9. Mount the TV on the Wall

TV mounted to the wall home décor tips

Big flat screen TVs on a stand do take up quick a lot of room. Space permitting, consider mounting the TV to a wall which is a lot easier and cheaper than you think. It will immediately save you space and increase the size of the room while looking rather sleek in the process.

10. Repaint the Front Door

Traditional cottage house home décor tips

The first and the last thing you see when entering or leaving your home – repainting or retouching up the front door will not only look great to passer-by’s, but it will make you feel proud of your home.

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