Vintage Industrial Home Décor Tips

The industrial look is one of 2017’s up and coming home design trends. The idea of transforming living space to feel like a classic, vintage warehouse or a retro factory is increasingly common with many furniture stores offering vintage style furniture and accessories. Raw iron and worn wood pieces, as well as some practical restoration, are the key to achieving this unique look and feel.

Here are our top and easy tips to adding that industrial decor feels to your home.

Industrial Home Decor Tips:

Expose those Original Walls or Flooring

Expose orginal brick walls for the orginal look country or industrial

Exposing those original flooring or walls are a great place to start in making a room feel industrial and retro. Nothing says classic then exposed worn brick walls and old original wooden flooring.

Add Brass Style Lighting

Metal retro pendent

Consider changing the ceiling lights to a vintage style pendant which come in many styles including glass and brass. A 3-light bar pendant light is ideal for a dining or kitchen space. Also, consider vintage style spot lights.

Aluminium or brass copper styles are most common that truly resemble that factory feel.

Add Vintage Accessories

Accessories are what makes your living space unique try adding Fringed throw cushions or Macrame Wall Hanging for that vintage living room look. Metal signage is also a great add-on for any room.

Put Up A Vintage Style Clock

A range of Vintage style clock

Where would the industrial look feel without a large vintage style clock

Add Metal  

Metal is one of the words that spring to mind thinking about the industrial look. Raw metal furniture such as Bar stools (repurposed as side tables), metal chairs and mesh furniture such as mesh cupboards and cabinets finish off that real classic industrial feel to a living space.

Find That Classic Arm Chair or Sofa 

Bold classic leather sofa

Nothing screams industrial louder than a classic leather sofa of an armchair.

With effective bargain hunting, this can be a cost effective update to a living space. Finding the right pieces which appeal to you the most is the true way of achieving this unique feel – with many old vintage pieces available everywhere take your time and research properly on finding those bits and pieces.

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