Get the Look: Industrial Design for Your Home

Industrial design is taking the interior world by storm. The theme is categorised by minimalist ornaments, stripped back furnishings and...

Industrial design is taking the interior world by storm. The theme is categorised by minimalist ornaments, stripped back furnishings and basic materials like exposed brick and natural floorboards.

bedroom in industrial interior design

The idea of an industrial theme is to make space feel like a classic, vintage warehouse or retro factory. It is the interior design love child of the hugely popular vintage and minimalist themes.

If you’re new to interior design but love the style, then this is for you – a ‘Get the Look’ guide to key pieces that will have your flat looking like a converted warehouse in no time!

Light Cages

light cages for industrial interior design blog

This is a staple; no self-respecting industrial led interior is complete without at least one cage light shade. We would recommend choosing either one statement light cage for a central light as a showpiece (like this bronze UFO pendant from T.K.Maxx for £39.99) or super simple, toned-down matching light cages for each light.

The best thing about this feature is that they can be super economical, (like this one from Tesco Direct for £16.99) but are really on-trend with the industrial design theme!

Industrial Design Filament Bulbs

Vintage Filament Light Bulbs

Filament bulbs are beautiful, I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t love them. Filament bulbs are perfect for tying up an industrial design theme, it’s another fine detail that is sure to get noticed but screams attention to detail.

A filament bulb doesn’t have to cost the earth either, this BC Antique Squirrel Cage Filament Dimmable bulb is available from The Range for just £5.99 and showcases the industrial style that you’re trying to recreate.

Vintage Suitcase

Vintage trunks are a superb addition to any space, not only do they add character to a room but they offer extra storage and a table top, as well as giving it a chic feel.

Idaho bamboo lidded storage trunk by Habitat for industrial design blog

We LOVE this lidded trunk from Habitat, it has such a striking pattern – you can’t get more vintage than an aboriginal design!

Vintage Style Mirror

Maybe I’m narcissistic but I love mirrors. Everyone knows that nothing opens a room like a strategically placed mirror to reflect natural light, but when they can tie up an interior design theme and work as a functional item – I’m not seeing the negatives.

circular window pane mirror by John Lewis for industrial design blog

This fabulously elegant, windowpane-esque mirror from John Lewis does exactly that. The interesting design is quirky and adds an extra ‘thought about’ note to the product choice of the room, without stealing the spotlight.

Tip: add a few more distressed marks by sanding the edges to really seal the industrial design look.


When it comes to any communal space, your sofa will always take centre stage when drawing a theme together. The sofa you choose for your home will say a lot about your aesthetic tastes (so, no pressure yeah?)

For an industrial theme sofa, think vintage. The sofa below (the Edward Leather Sofa from Darlings of Chelsea), exhibits just that. It takes inspiration from classic Chesterfield furniture, but with a contemporary twist with its boxier shape.

darlings of chelsea edward leather sofa for industrial design blog

Leather is always a good choice for a sofa, it’s more hard-wearing and should be able to handle the odd spill (unlike a fabric sofa that will soak up your red wine spillage).

Plus, the little legs (note the sticky legs rather than hidden wheels), take homage from 70’s style furniture that’s quickly reclaiming the ranks. It’s a classic, yet contemporary look that’ll complement an industrial design theme for sure.

Extra Tips

Wooden pallets: if you can find a way to use or incorporate them into your room, then do so; they are a staple for this style. The main image shows pallets used as a bed frame, which is both in-keeping with the theme and incredibly economic.

Sandpaper: just invest in some generally. The whole premise of the industrial design theme is a vintage, distressed feel. So even if you’re cheating and buying your vintage items new, having some sandpaper to hand to ‘distress your items’ a little will make them seem a lot more authentic.

Upcycle: where possible, repurpose and reuse the items that you already have. A huge part of this trend is to be thrifty, the theme stems from old and worn furniture that’s had some TLC and been brought back to life. So, if you’ve got some old wood going spare, sand it down, give it a lick of varnish and screw some hairpin legs onto it – hey presto you’ve got a wonderful coffee or side table for a fraction of the price!

Now it’s time to go and recreate the look for your living room at home. Let us know on social what you think of the guide and if you use any of our tips – we’d love to hear from you!