Ideas for Great Home Décor Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, there are three main types that are well received: visual, edible or an experience. That could be, flowers, chocolates and tickets to an event. However, if you’re looking to explore beyond ‘tried and tested’ – home décor gifts can be a great hit too.

With gift giving in general, the type of present that you’ll be giving is hugely dependent on the type of person who’ll be receiving it – and the aesthetic of their home; so, we made a few different categories.

Here are some ideas that are sure to be a hit!

Home Décor Gifts:

The Classic Look

To achieve the classic look, home décor gifts should be described as timeless and effortlessly chic. If you’re not sure what makes something timeless or effortlessly chic, there are a few things you look out for:

Firstly, is your item something that’s always been fashionable? Something that isn’t a fad and can be gifted at any time of year to any person – like a scented candle perhaps? That’s a timeless gift.

TWC scented candles - home décor gifts

Next, classic home décor gifts should have the ability to fit within almost any interior design theme – because they’re often neutral in design and aesthetic. Therefore, features to look out for are clean lines, neutral tones (like cream, black and grey); and classic materials like glass, metal or wood.

A great classic home décor gift idea would be a sleek hanging lantern, accompanied by a white scented candle.

TWC hanging lantern

Quirky Home Décor Gifts

Quirky home décor items make great gifts, they showcase your own personality as well as celebrating the unique style of your friend who you’re gifting.

When it comes to quirky home décor pieces, there’s no hard and fast rule – since the spectrum is so broad. A good way to categorise these products would be: when spotted, it’ll be a talking point.

This triangle shelf from an independent retailer on Esty would make a wonderful present for a new home owner who might be struggling to purchase all the necessary storage items in quick succession. Being handmade and made-to-measure makes this a one of a kind gift – even better!

Etsy Triangle Shelf - home décor gifts

Alternatively, give the gift of light. These Jam Jar Lights from The Discovery Store will decorate a home with upcycled charm and elegance. The lights will create a warm, uplifting environment – they’ll enhance the natural glow of a room and help the environment at the same time!

TDS - Jam Jar Lights

The Unmissable Gift

Perhaps you like to make a statement or your friend loves things that are out of the ordinary? If you’re looking to have an impact than your home décor gift should be unmissable!

You’ll need to think BIG and think different, and this doesn’t mean expensive either. This majestic deer head from Cox & Cox is only £35; it’ll turn heads and get tongues wagging… and will do so with elegance.

C&C - Deer Head - home décor gift ideas

If you’re looking to spend a little more on your unmissable gift, this contemporary human sculpture from InStyle-Décor will certainly hit the spot. It’s custom-made and will make a great addition to any wall.

INSD - human sculpture

Personal Home Décor Gifts

If you’re looking for a home décor gift idea that’s a more personal, perhaps for a close friend, then the best idea is to make something; nothing shows thought like researching and making a present!

There are tonnes of tutorials out there, like these DIY shabby chic home accessories that are easy and inexpensive to make.

AFH - shabby chic chandelier - home décor gift idea

The Stylish Gift

Are you buying a home décor gift for an interior design fiend with a carefully curated array of decorative items? Fear not, a stylish gift is easy to find!

A gift that’s stylish must be one-part classic (neutral, timeless, tasteful), and one-part quirky (not found in every home).

These three delicate hanging frames from Cox & Cox hit the nail on the head perfectly. You can either gift them as they are, or choose some of your favourite images to place inside to add a personal touch!

Why not go the extra mile and help them hang the frames too?

C&C hanging frames

All stylish people drink wine, right? This geometric wine rack from The Little House Shop is a delightfully stylish way to display wines. Clocking in at £15 it makes for an economical gift (which can be doubled and stacked up for an even more dramatic look).

TLHS - wine rack - home décor gifts

Fun Home Décor Gifts

Last, but certainly not least, on this list is the fun home décor gift. This is perfect for a goofy friend, a young homeowner (like a child that’s recently moved out), or as a light-hearted and economic present.

A mini cinema light box is a fun gift that’s small, sweet and will make a great addition to any room!

PB - mini cinema light box

A neon green cactus light – need we say anymore?

IWOOT - Catcus neon light - home décor gifts

Other Considerations

While we’d all love to gift a handmade ornate home décor piece to everyone, each situation is different:

First and foremost, consider your budget; you don’t want to fall in love with an item that you can’t afford!

Next, what’s your timeline? If you only have a few days until your gift-giving event, ordering something handmade might not be the best idea.

Lastly, don’t make it too good a gift or you’ll never want to give it away.

Happy gift giving guys!

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