Eclectic Interior Design: What is it?

Modern design combines old flavours, futuristic patterns and surprising elements to disrupt the norm. Modern design infuses interiors with fire, passion and flair to create a truly unique living environment. The movement is known as eclectic interior design. It aims to portray an oxymoronic dynamic ambience, a seemingly perfect relationship between opposite design trends. An eclectic approach can create a setting with both timeless charm and your own personality.

This increasingly popular type of interior design might seem difficult to understand (and apply) at first, but the premise is simple; follow patterns that complement each other.

To help you successfully implement an eclectic interior design in your home, here are some of A Fancy Home’s best tips for the modern household.

Achieving Eclectic Interior Design:

Don’t Mistake Eclectic for “Anything Goes”

The main thing to remember when trying to achieve an eclectic interior design theme is – it doesn’t mean tossing out every rule. Rooms can quickly start to feel cluttered and over-themed when you start layering too many different styles, colours and patterns. There is a very fine line between layering styles and a room that’s busy and distracting.

The best way to ensure that you don’t cross the line is to set yourself a cap on the number of contrasting styles in a particular room – this should stop it from feeling random and clumsy.

Mix and Match Colours

An eclectic approach to interior design allows you to go beyond a traditional colour scheme and derive inspiration from various interesting sources; you just need to be confident when it comes to mixing interior styles.

You can enrich your living room ambience by decorating it with contrasting hues such as reds and browns, greens and aqua blues, and even orange and wood.

Try to extend your colour palette beyond white and start seeing your walls as blank canvases ready for a creative mind. The possibilities are limitless, you only need to let your imagination run free.

Make it Cosy

One of the downsides about thorough interior design themes is that they can feel more like showrooms than living rooms. So, when you’re trying to execute an eclectic interior design ensure to focus some energy on making the room feel cosy.

Rugs greatly elevate a homey feel in any room and they can be a crucial feature in your design. Being colourful, fun, soft and comfortable, they can serve a multitude of purposes; from cosy napping spots to softening a cold, hard wooden floor and tying sitting areas together.

If you’re lacking inspiration, there’s plenty of rug specialists that you can peruse to help decide what you’d like, (make sure to read our guide on buying the perfect rug before you do so).

Look for creative pieces that complement your current colour scheme but are still disruptive enough to create a unique ambience. After all, that’s what beautiful eclectic design is all about.

Create a Focal Point

Being free and wild doesn’t mean that you should turn your room into an antique store, try to stay focused. A good way to do this is by picking one object that’ll serve as the focal point of the room. Whether it’s a mirror, a steampunk timepiece or a unique fireplace, this focal object will bring the room together. Be sure to stick to just one feature that stands out, while filling up the room with numerous small details such as figurines, vases and art pieces.

Introduce Nature and Art

Finally, the room needs to have several natural elements in order to portray a warm, intimate, and stress-free environment. Flowers as well as a couple of potted plants such as a Philodendron or a Peace Lily work wonderfully with any décor and are extremely easy to maintain.

Decorating a room in an eclectic style is not only a fun project, it is also a rewarding undertaking. Follow these steps and you’ll have no problems creating a truly unique living environment filled with timeless flair and appeal.

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