9 Ways to Decorate a Non-Working Fireplace

We recently wrote about how to decorate a living room with a fireplace in the middle – one of those very niche guides that if you need, you really need. Anyway, it got us thinking, how many people still actually use their fireplaces? And then, what are people doing with these spare spaces in their most decorated rooms? That’s when we decided to do some research on different ways to decorate a non-working fireplace.

Many homes have fireplaces, but so few actually use them; it is such a shame to let a wonderful alcove go to waste. So, don’t let it. Read these 9 ways to decorate a non-working fireplace for some inspiration of how to utilise the space in your home. If you have any more ideas let us know on Facebook!

9 Ways to Decorate a Non-Working Fireplace

  1. Log Storage

Non-Working Fireplace Storing Logs

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Totally oxymoronic, as what’s the use of logs in a non-working fireplace? Technicalities aside, we think this is a really chic idea. If space is going to waste anyway (and you’re not desperate for storage) why not try something a little quirky?

The logs hark back to the original use of the space and add a rustic tone to the room; it’s also a decorating idea that’ll be super cheap and easy to execute.

  1. Light it Up

Candles in a non-working fireplace

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This is probably the easiest tip to execute in terms of decorating a non-working fireplace, and I’d go as far as saying will have the largest aesthetic payoff. Simply grab a bunch of candles in various sizes and arrange them in the unused fireplace. We’d suggest picking up the largest ones you can find so they don’t need replacing too often.

This idea will seem like a contemporary spin on its original purpose. And we all know there’s something homely and comforting about a fire, so if you can’t get it from the fireplace, put the next best thing in its place – candles.

  1. Books/Records

Books in a non-used fireplace

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This is a very rustic and vintage way to decorate a non-working fireplace, and here at A Fancy Home, we think it looks wonderful. The best thing about this? It not only looks great but will be a fabulous way to store your book collection; especially the ones that you’ve read and want to keep to hand!

Tip: Make this look even better by grouping your books together in colour groups.

  1. Shelve It

Non-working fireplace made in shelved storage

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If you’re strapped for space in your home, this is the most efficient of ideas; make the unused alcove into a place for shelving. Then you can use it to store anything: books, candles, toiletries, ornaments… the list goes on!

  1. Flowers

flowers in a non-working fireplace

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The problem that most people find with non-working fireplaces, is that without a warm fire inhibiting the space, it can seem gloomy and dark. Everyone knows that the best remedy to counteract a gloomy feel is fresh flowers; they’ll instantly brighten the unused fireplace as well as the whole room!

  1. ‘Stuff It’

Sounds like a weird one, but looks like a beautiful one. For a rustic look that’s extremely chic and effortlessly cool, just put in an assortment of stuff. You can easily grab some cheap, old suitcases from a charity shop or boot sale – and then fill them with fun things for your living room like board games or blankets for cold winter nights!

  1. Wine storage

Wine Storage - Ways to decorate a non-working fireplace

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Because, really, you can never have too many places to store wine!

wine storage in tim bee's apartment via apartment therapy

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  1. A Pet Bed

Dog bed in a non-working fireplace

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Another way to decorate your non-working fireplace, and make it into an efficient use of space and utilitarian area, is by simply adding a fluffy rug or large pillow. And then, all of a sudden, your unused fireplace is now a pet bed that’s tucked away but still close by when you’re relaxing in the living room!

Cute doggo in an unused fireplace

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  1. A Book Nook

A book nook as an idea to decorate a non-working fireplace

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This idea will be a very cute and cosy addition to any room, let alone your living room. It is, however, dependent on the size of your non-working fireplace.


And that, A Fancy Home readers, are our 9 ways to decorate a non-working fireplace. Stay up-to-date on more interior design news, DIY guides and home improvement tips by liking us on Facebook!