What to Consider When Choosing a Floor Lamp

Home lighting is an essential part of interior design, and choosing a floor lamp can often be mistaken as an easy decision (resulting in the wrong light being purchased). Not only do your lights perform a vital practical function, by illuminating daily tasks, but they also set the ambience in your living spaces and make a statement about your own personal style. It is easy to overlook a floor lamp in favour of table lamps. However, they are worth considering if you want a flexible lighting solution that also adds interest and complements your existing décor.

colour contrast, yellow sofa and grey room floor lamp

What to Consider When Choosing a Floor Lamp:

Layering the Light

Layering light with a selection of different lamps, rather that using just a single overhead light source, allows you to create different moods. And even utilise your lighting for different situations. Lamps and shades do not have to match. A careful mix of floor and table lamps to go with wall lights will add personality.

Are you Making a Statement?

Choosing a floor lamp that makes a statement will create a talking point and add height, colour and personality to your living room. If you are thinking of installing a feature lamp, your choice will depend on the amount of space you have to work with. A large room with space in the corner would be ideal, and you can go to town, but a smaller room might not be able to afford the floor space. In this case, you might opt for something with a simple base and go for a bold choice with the shade.

Get the Height Right

Room interior with sofa and lamp in minimalist style, front view for example for choosing a floor lamp

Floor lights will add height to the landscape of furniture in a room, but you must get the scale right. It may sound like obvious advice, but be sure to take the floor to ceiling measurements of your room before you go shopping. This is to ensure that you don’t get something that is too tall for the space. Get this wrong, and you may end up with a light that dominates the room. At the other end of the scale, something that is not tall enough it could cause glare rather than a comfortable ambient light and will interfere with certain tasks such as reading, watching television and doing other kinds of screen work.

Work With What You’ve Got

When choosing a floor lamp, you need to bear in mind the current lighting and furniture arrangement in your living room. The most important thing is to avoid clashes. For example, if you have gone for grey furniture then a lamp with a silver pole will complement your colour scheme, but gold less so.  You should also consider mixing your table and floor lamps to add layers of light and height. A good choice of floor lamp can add character to a bland spot and create a new element to a room, such as a cosy reading corner. To pull a look together try to match your choice of lamp colour with other accessories such as cushions.

Which Type of Floor Lamp?

cream sofa and chairs as an example for choosing a floor lamp

With so many different styles choosing a floor lamp can seem like quite a daunting proposition. In the end, it will have to come down to personal taste and the activities that you perform in the space. Among them are torchiere lamps, tree lamps, rustic floor lamps, arc lamps and swing arm floor lamps. It helps to decide whether you are looking for task lighting or something to create ambience.

Most lamps come with their own shades, but that doesn’t have to stop you from experimenting with others just as long as the shade matches the material of the lamp. If you are looking for something ambient, then you can achieve that with semi-translucent shades. Opaque shade is better if you want to create an accent or highlight a wall.

Remember that floor lamps are also very useful in areas of your home where space is limited; such as hallways, dining rooms and small bedrooms.

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