Interior Design

At A Fancy Home, a love and passion for interior design underpins everything we do. Every DIY guide, home improvement tip or advisory colour scheme post is to ultimately build towards your own personal design.


The dictionary definition explains interior design as the coordination and arrangement of elements (such as colour scheme, furnishings and home décor accessories) of the interior of a home (office, or any structural space).


However, A Fancy Home believes (nay, knows) that it’s so more than just aesthetic elements. Interior design, when successfully planned and executed, is more than just a theme, it’s an experience. We believe it’s an art form, a passion, a skill and a fantastic way for homeowners to not only express their personality but to create a personal oasis.


Interior design is the difference between a house and a home.

Eclectic interior design - nature and art

Eclectic Interior Design: What is it?

Modern design combines old flavours, futuristic patterns and surprising elements to disrupt the norm. Modern design infuses interiors with fire, passion and flair to…