How to Unblock a Toilet… Without a Plumber

Fear not, blocked toilets are a far more common problem then your friends would lead you to believe. There are a number of different reasons why toilets might block up, and there’s plenty of ways to attack the problem. While having your loo unblocked professionally may be preferable, plumbers can be expensive. If you’re looking to take this DIY job into your own hands, then A Fancy Home can offer you a simple way to unblock a toilet.

Black and White photo of a toilet and toilet paper dispenser.

Disclaimer: if the blockage is deep down the toilet, then you may need to call in the cavalry.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you begin any toilet repair (as with any DIY project) it’s a good idea to put protective materials on the floor to prevent any nasty accidents from the beginning. Nobody wants to have toilet water floating around on their carpets, but with this project, it’s best to avoid any potential spills damaging your flooring.

Step 2: Unblock a Toilet

(First Method)

The first method you should try when needing to unblock a toilet is a very easy one. Simply apply washing up liquid very generously into the bowl of your loo, then add hot water from a bucket or kettle and leave the soap to do its work. (If you don’t have washing up liquid, then any other soap type product can work, like shampoo.)

You should leave your toilet like this for at least 20 minutes.

Shot of a young woman holding a toilet brush in a bathroom

If, after 20 minutes if you return and there has been movement in the water level then at this point you can top up the toilet again with the warm soapy water. Do this from a height, so the new, additional water hits the rest with a little force. DO NOT try to flush the toilet at this stage!

The toilet should empty itself now. Otherwise, you still have a few other options.

(Second Method)

If the first option hasn’t worked, then you’ll need to pick up some drain unblocker. Try to find a product that contains a mixture of enzymes made for liquefying waste – the kind of thing used in a septic tank.

To unblock a toilet using this liquid, simply pour it into the toilet and leave it to break down overnight. If it has worked you should find the water level in your loo has reduced, if it still hasn’t, keep on reading.

Unrecognized person cleaning the toilet with a yellow rag wearing gloves.

(Third Method)

Your final option to unblock a toilet is by using a snake; not the type you find in the jungle, but a plumbing snake or auger. This is a long flexible metal tool with a handle on the end to twist it, which goes down into the pipes and can clear blockages. It is inserted deep into the toilet or drain and twisted around, ensure you’ve tried as hard as possible by using a lot of elbow grease!

If the snake fails to clear the blockage, then it’s time for you to call the plumber!

For those that don’t already have a good plumber, put the internet to use and Google ‘plumber in your town’; take a look at the reviews that they have received and choose somebody with a lot of good recommendations. If you’re still not willing to give up on the DIY plumbing dream, check out this Youtube for more guidance!