7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Kitchen

When buying a kitchen, do you know what to watch out for? With cowboys abound and endless choices, it can seem like a daunting task – as well as an expensive one. So, if you’re buying a kitchen, remodelling or redecorating, we’ve put together a few pointers to prevent your new kitchen turning into your latest nightmare.

1. Buying a Kitchen Won’t Happen in a Day

There are some very persuasive salespeople out there – some so good that you won’t realise what’s happening until after you’ve signed the dotted line. Be vigilant – THEY AREN’T YOUR FRIENDS – okay, so we’re being melodramatic. However, the message is all the same. Bear in mind that most salespeople work on commission and you will be ‘just a number’.

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Beware of ‘one time deals’ that require a signature within a time frame; these can often be a ploy to accelerate cash-flow in favour of the supplier. Remember: you’re the customer and they should be accommodating you. It’ll pay to do some research; get several quotes from different suppliers and find out the average price is for the job you require – just hit Google and look for people who’ve a good amount of positive reviews.

2. Be Careful with Colours

buying a kitchen

I know that when it comes to home decor, I’m like a kid in a candy store – it’s easy to get carried away. But remember, fads, fashions and trends – they come and go – when buying a kitchen try to design it with a timeless style in mind. Don’t go for bright colours unless you are certain that they’ll fit with the rest of your kitchen; neutral colour palettes can be dressed up and switched around with new, colourful accessories and accents.

3. What Are You Made Of? (Well, Your New Kitchen)

A lot of kitchens look wonderful in display and then when they come to be fitted, in bare light of a construction site, can often disappoint (particularity the unit doors). Make a point of finding out what material the doors are made from. Some doors now come with a PCV fitted edge to add extra ‘zing’.

Tip: when buying a kitchen, test the noises made when closing the doors – you’ll be hearing it a lot!

4. Expensive Doesn’t Always = Best

Obviously, when it comes to buying a kitchen, you’re prepared for the financial hit; we all know it’s not a cheap decision. But there’s also no need to throw money away. Check with the kitchen installer and make sure that there’s no doubt about the type of material being used, and how good the quality is.

5. Samples, Samples, Samples!

Your supplier should be able to supply you with a perfect example of doors and worktops before buying a kitchen so that you can put them into your home and see how they look with other parts of your existing kitchen.

Don’t miss this out! You don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a project only to find out afterwards that it doesn’t work!

6. When Buying a Kitchen, Ask for Recommendations

Even the nicest, most genuine kitchen retailer ultimately wants an exchange to end with you buying a kitchen. So, when it comes to researching and getting advice, the people to ask are those close to you – friends and family. You’re going to receive an unbiased review and full details of costs so that you can go into your own project with clarity.

7. Watch Out For Hidden Costs

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This may seem obvious, but some companies may not include everything in their price. For instance, the projected price may not include appliances that have been allocated slots in your new design. When you get your quote check with your supplier exactly what is covered and what’s not.

And now you’re on your own, we hope this guide point you in the right direction for buying a kitchen. If you have decided to undertake a home improvement project, read Top 5 Things You Should Do Before Refurbishing – and then you’ll be set! For daily updates, tips, hints and home improvement guides, like us on Facebook and join the A Fancy Home community.