5 Budget Home Decorating Ideas for Easy Redecoration

Saving up to work on that home decorating idea never works out. There’s always a rainy day to swallow your stashed-away cash. So, use some imagination, make your money go further, and try these budget home decorating ideas – all on a fairly low budget!

Budget Home Decorating Ideas

Big Ideas – Small Budget

Big and bright home decorating ideas don’t have to cost the earth, there are many tasks one can achieve on a smaller budget. The results can be more satisfying than spending a wad of cash and certainly better than opening the credit card statement. Don’t let your lack of cash restrict your imagination or creative flow. Let’s look at ways to transform a home, without spending a fortune.

Budget planning - budget home decorating ideas

Set the Mood

Your project needs a formulation of great ideas. Start with a mood board. It can be a regular cork board or an entire blank wall. Gather your thoughts, and cut out samples of fabric you love, paint colours that you adore, or home decorating ideas from magazines, and pin them on. Timeless classics, big impact statement pieces, modern and cutting edge – the choice is all yours. Whether in reality or using something online like Pinterest, you can start to form a picture of the place you want to live in, surrounded by the things that make you happy.

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Five Savvy Ways to Change Your Home

  1. Kitchens can be notoriously expensive. If you’re happy enough with the existing layout, then just change the doors, and leave the cabinets as they are. It’s a brand-new look for a fraction of the cost. If you like the open look of clear glass modern kitchen cupboards, then simply REMOVE your doors. Use wicker baskets to store smaller items. Display colourful pottery in groups of three or five items, keeping the same colours together. Roll matching placemats and add some vintage jugs and jars. A new look that’ll just cost you for the new accessories, which might be picked up at a local craft sale or boot fair.
  1. If you want that expensive heritage paint you saw in a magazine, then ask for a sample pot and have it mixed to match. A fraction of the original spend! The quality will not be the same, but you should be able to get the colour spot-on and save your money for the rest of the room re-vamp.
  1. Go for a long woodland walk and collect your decorating thoughts and some fallen branches. Take them home, spray paint them in a metallic shade, or one to match the walls, and place them in a corner for a real designer feel. Use a little battery powered spotlight from below for a wonderful lighting effect. At Christmas, they can double up as a tree!
  1. Think you need a new bathroom? Think again. Replace that dingy curtain with a clear glass panel. Clean the whole room from top to bottom. Then de-clutter, leaving only the prettiest pots and towels visible. If you must have ‘stuff’ – as we all do – then hide it in baskets, the bathroom will be instantly larger and revamped. Remember some oversized white, scented candles, and you’re ready for a long soak after all that hard work!
  2. Make walls and ceilings light and bright, and lighten up your floors with colour for a whole new look. Wooden floors look just as good painted as they do strip and waxed. Then frame them by using some crafty paint tricks to make the walls ‘pop’. Paint one wall in a dramatic and startling shade. A pale coloured floor can be accentuated by a skirting board painted in a darker colour – just like the effect of winged eyeliner. Try something like Farrow and Ball’s Down Pipe.

Interior design planning - budget home decorating ideas

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