Home Décor Online: 5 Homeware Subscription Boxes

Most people fall into the category of wanting new homeware, hopelessly staring at home décor online and wishing they could afford it all. Sound familiar? We thought so. Making changes to your home can often seem like a distant dream, one that’s far down the list of new work shirts and children’s school shoes.

Introducing: homeware subscription boxes. Now, these concepts have been around for a very long time, we’re by no means suggesting that they’re a novelty (my mother has been hopelessly collecting unneeded Tupperware every month since the 80s). However, never-before has there been such a vast range available; a plethora of individually tailored homeware subscription boxes make the beautiful, handcrafted home décor online a reality – and at a split cost too. HALLELUJAH!

There are, of course, a whole host out there knocking around. So, we decided to pick our top five to give you guys a little taste of the variety available.

Sit back, relax (and sign up to them all!)

Home Décor Online: 5 Homeware Subscription Boxes

Geo Fleur’s Plant Post Club

Home decor online - geo fleur subsciption

If you regularly follow the world of home décor online, then you’ll know how much it’s going crazy for indoor plants right now; especially those of the cacti or succulent variety. Geo Fleur specialises in beautiful botanicals with breath-taking handmade pots to match.

A subscription to Geo Fleur starts from just £24, and can be gifted too!

Neko Box: Japanese Homeware Subscriptions

Home decor online - Edo Box from Neko Box (1)

The Neko Boxes are wonderfully exotic Japanese subscription boxes. From the Buddha Box to the Matcha Tea Box, each will come with their own Japanese inspired theme; jam packed with artisan Japanese ceramics (you know how much we love ceramics) and five or more other aesthetically delightful homeware pieces.

You can explore a different place and piece of cultural heritage of Japan from the comfort of your home, starting at £30 a month thanks to Neko Box.

Crafty Creatives

Home decor subscription boxes - crafty creations

The crafty creations subscription boxes are less home décor and more DIY. Crafty Creatives, self-professed as the subscription for creative people, offer 3 types of subscription starting at £10 a month. From jewellery making with beads to a stationary themed #PAPERHAUL to their signature Crafty Creatives subscription.

The Crafty Creatives subscription varies each month to allow the receiver a fun and new craft. From homemade toys to making lampshades and concrete planter kits, there will be something for everyone. AND if you’re worried one of the packages won’t be up your street they offer a service to return it for a full refund – perfect!

Check out Crafty Creatives past boxes to get an idea of what you’d be getting.

Not Another Bill

Home decor subscription boxes - not another bill

Not Another Bill is a present subscription service for those opening their post thinking “I hope this isn’t another bill”. Before putting down any money Not Another Bill will ask for some basic information (like age, interests and location) to tailor your packages to you. You can even have your subscription designs for couples – cute!

Do you deserve a treat day, or fancy an interesting surprise each month? Then read more about Not Another Bill.


Home decor online - bloom&wild flowers

Are you blooming wild for flowers? (Sorry). If you love having fresh flowers in your home the subscription package from Bloom and Wild is the one for you. Not only can you choose the frequency of your delivery, but the length of subscription and your favourite bouquet styles.

And all of this from Bloom&Wild starting at £15.


Now you can stop looking at home décor online and make it a reality in your own home – you’re welcome. Send us pictures of your favourite on Twitter!